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  1. 1 To receive Apologies for Absence

  2. 2 To elect the Mayor for the Municipal Year 2018/19

  3. 3 To report the appointment by the Mayor of the Mayor's Escort, Deputy Mayor and Mayor's Chaplain.

  4. 4 The Mayor to return thanks

  5. 5 To move a motion of thanks and to present a badge to the retiring Mayor

  6. 6 To approve and sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 18 April 2018

  7. 7 To report Disclosures of Interest and Dispensations

  8. 8 To receive formal notification of the results of the Borough Council elections

  9. 9 To receive notices from the Political Groups on the Appointment of Leaders

  10. 10 To approve executive arrangements, including the appointment of the Leader of the Council

  11. 11 To review the Committee structure, size of Committee membership and allocation of seats to political groups, to receive nominations from the political groups and to appoint Members, including Substitute Members, to serve on Committees and other bodies set out in the Constitution

  12. 12 To receive nominations from the Political Groups and to appoint Members or other persons to represent the Council on Outside Bodies.

  13. 13 Calendar of Meetings 2018/19

  14. 14 Members' Allowances Scheme 2018/19

  15. 15 To review Working Conventions 2018/19

  16. 16 Appointment of an Interim Monitoring Officer

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